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Albina with the co-founder of Neuro-Linguistic Programming Dr. Richard Bandler and his wife Dr. Glenda Bandler.

About Albina Terpetska

Over the past decade, countless parents and children have benefited from working with Albina Terpetska by transforming their relationships and creating fulfilled and healthy families.

As a family coach, an educator with a master’s degree, and a licensed Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Albina Terpetska has a deep understanding of human psychology, communication, and brain function. Based on the latest research, her own experience, and best practices, Albina has developed her profoundly effective, advanced, yet simple to implement approach and teaches it to parents and children in a well-structured and comprehensible way.

Having learned from the world’s most successful experts through attending multiple courses, events, and online trainings, as well as mastering the areas of emotional intelligence, psychology, communication, and mindset, Albina helps parents and children from diverse backgrounds achieve the results they want and create relationships they deserve, even in the most challenging situations.

In addition to parents, educators and caregivers also seek her advice. Albina coaches teachers by providing professional development training and modeling the best teaching and communication practices. These practices allow teachers of all grades to build rapport with their students.

As a life-long learner, Albina values professional and personal development. She is continuously researching, studying, and practicing the most effective, proven methods and principles in the fields of family coaching, child development, neuroscience, teaching, personal development, emotional intelligence, communication, mindset, and human psychology.

Albina offers parent and child coaching as well as home visits and class observations.

Happy Parents

"Albina's Parenting Excellence Program was the best investment I have ever made as a parent. I knew that to help my child learn to become a kind, emotionally intelligent, and confident man of integrity, I had to invest in my own learning first. The Parenting Excellence Program gave me everything I needed to become confident that I can raise such a man."

                       - Elena P., mother of one

"Albina researched and created a presentation about Growth Mindset which she shared with me and my 5th-grade classes. I observed positive outcomes as a result of Albina’s presenting this information to my students. Namely, I observed students who became more aware of their behaviors and attitudes and how these factors affected their learning. Albina empowers students to learn how to learn!"

                                           - Lisa L., educator

"Albina is a very talented coach! She is very professional, client-focused, and organized.

Albina taught me things that will help me in all aspects of my life. She has outstanding qualities as a human. She is a very caring person. I felt valued and appreciated when working with her. She always sees the best in you.

With Albina, I learned things I couldn’t have even imagined. She also helped me see what had always been right in front of me, but I didn’t notice. Albina is an amazing professional who taught me how to evolve in life."

- João, future father

"Just in a few sessions, I learned more from Albina about emotions, relationships, and communication than I had for forty six years of my life. I became much comfortable, compassionate, and confident in my parenting.
I also used what I learned from Albina in my relationships with my employees, and it worked! Every parent and every person who wants to become and remain the best version of themselves and serve as an example for those who look up to them must work with Albina."

                     Kendrick D. R., father of three

"As a result of working with Albina, my relationship with my son and our entire family life completely changed without much effort. Now, he listens and helps me. He is being respectful to me and my parents. We love spending time together and live a much more joyful life.
Albina released me from my inner fears and my deepest worries. She has empowered me by teaching me her revolutionary concepts in a very easy to understand and compassionate way. Now, I feel confident and peaceful as a parent because I know that I have everything I need to create a relationship with my child I always wanted and am raising a happy son.

Albina’s work is transformational. I’m so glad I found Albina."

                     - Alejandra M., mother of one

"The level of support, compassion, and commitment Albina displayed when working with our family was incredible! Never in my life, I felt so understood and supported. Due to Albina, I was able to transform not only my relationships with my children but also with my husband."

                  - Madeline R.-L., mother of two

"Words cannot express how happy I am that I found Albina. With her guidance, teaching, and support I was able to do what used to seem impossible - bring back peace to our family. I honestly can say that I have my dream relationships with my kids now."

                           - Anna K., mother of three

"Albina has a unique ability to bring joy to the most mundane of tasks. She understands children and knows how to encourage and work with them. There was mutual respect between her and my kids.

Albina had high but realistic expectations. She knows how to get results."

                         - Natalie G., mother of three

"I learned a great deal when working with Albina. But the most important thing I learned was that nothing is impossible. If you are not happy with your family life situation, don't give up. Just bring in Albina in your life and let her do her magic. :)"

                              - Olga G., mother of one

"I have been fortunate and privileged to get some great advice from Albina Terpetska. I was triggered by things that reminded me of my passed away father that I never made peace with and was ashamed of our relationship. But Albina took the time to get to know me and with her amazing expertise, was able to give me great insight into my feelings of my father. She was able to look deeper into the triggers that affected me and how they correlated with my past history with my father. She was able to guide me through my deepest regrets of my father; but also helped me remember how much my father truly loved me as I acknowledged that I truly loved and forgave him.

Thank you, Albina. Even though she and I only talked about my trauma for a short time, Albina has made an impact that helped me clear a lifetime of self-doubt."

                                      - Toby W., son

"Albina helped me realize that it's never too late to turn things around. And with her help, I did. If I could do that, any parent can."

                                  - Paul S., father of two

"I have learned so much from Albina! She has been my 911. She always has the answers to my questions and is filled with practical advice."

                             - Laura S., mother of two

"I'm thankful beyond words. I wish my parents had Albina."

                                  - Carla, mother of two

“We feel so fortunate to have found Albina when we did. When I returned to work after 4 years as a stay-at-home mom, we were struggling as a family trying to balance schedules, drastically different parenting styles and expectations. She worked with us to create consistency between our parenting styles, working as a team toward our vision of family goals. We feel stronger and happier as a couple and as a family, having implemented her approach. Our girls also truly enjoyed every minute of the time they spent with her.”

- Adrienne and Michael G., parents of two

"Albina truly cares about nurturing the whole child and teaching life-long skills that focus on emotional intelligence and a growth mindset, rather than a fixed one. Albina successfully teaches children who have behavior issues to understand and accept their emotions and helps them develop vital life problem-solving skills when coaching them during one-on-one conversations.

Her understanding of how to teach using the growth mindset and expertise in conveying specifically what she wants to see from her students was a huge advantage in the classroom. She put this skillset to work to help me build a solid relationship with my students that focused on mutual respect and understanding."

             - Joseph F., educator, father of two

"Tears come to my eyes when I am writing this. We came to Albina to get help after we had seen six different therapists and didn't get any results. We felt hopeless. Our family was falling apart. We were a mess.
Albina helped us not only strengthen our relationships but also remember how it feels to be happy again, just like we were when we just started our family. We didn't think it was possible. Albina taught us that there is nothing that cannot be resolved if we commit to taking action. So we did, with Albina by our side. We are so grateful for having a chance to learn from her."

            - Dalia and Ryan W., parents of one

"I'm proud of becoming a confident parent. Thank you, Albina."

                                - Julia T., mother of one

"If you have any doubts whether or not to work with Albina, kick them to the curb. Working with Albina was the best thing I've ever done for myself and my family!
I suffered in my spouse- and parent-child relationships all my life until Albina helped me realize how much more I am in charge of my relationships than I thought. She helped me become the wife and mother that deep inside I always knew I were, but couldn't find the strength and courage to be. Our family is so much happier now! And it all started with just one Breakthrough Call with Albina."

                     - Emily N., mother of one

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